A Band of Runners

Welcome to my blog “Band of Runners”! Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Corey and I’ve been a long distance runner for well over 15 years. I’ve run in over 100 5ks, numerous 10 mile races (including the Philadelphia Broad Street Run, one of the biggest 10 milers in the US), 3 half marathons (more on the way!), and 1 full marathon. I’m not quite sure why I started running, as you may be thinking the same thing. Who wants to run? For fun?? There were a lot of people who asked me that and I wasn’t quite sure how to answer. Other than the fact that I wanted to be active and live a healthy life, I thought it would be an excellent gateway to explore new and exciting places on foot. What I didn’t realize at the time was that running is soo much more.

Most of my running experiences have been competitive. Sure, I would run with the high school team, but I was always trying to compete with them and others during race day. Don’t get me wrong we still were a team, but there was no bad blood. We were more like family who looked after each other and helped each other train. After high school and college racing I’ve realized that running is bigger than a team or family… It’s a community! “Band of Runners” is based on just that concept… a community of runners.

I ran the Bird In Hand half marathon in Lancaster, Pennsylvania last year and heard the PA Dutch saying “Vella Shpringa” short for “lets run” quite a few times. They had the slogan written on their tech tees, signs, and banners. At first I didn’t quite get what it meant, let alone how to pronounce it. When I asked the locals and researched the actual meaning, I came across something that I’ve grown to embrace, “the joy of running in community.” This doesn’t mean running in an actual community or town, but knowing that there is a community of runners all across the globe that are rooting for you. That is something special and something you don’t come across that often. I realize that not everyone is a runner and that’s ok. Whether you’ve thought about running, just started or have been running for years, you are a part of this community… A band of runners if you will.

“Band of Runners” is about bringing the running community together and sharing information and experiences that most of us have gone through or perhaps you will go through if you’re a newbie. Anything from picking the proper race gear to those annoying injuries and to not wanting to run due to the weather will be included. There will also be content in “the RUNdown” section that will explain what you can expect from certain races such as thinking that you crossed the finish line, but you really have another 1/4 mile left (Philadelphia Broad Street 10 miler, I’m talking about you). From time to time there will be guest posts from my wife where she will post some “fresh find” recipes that she comes across that we want to try. Also, there will be recipes we’ve tried and loved in the “running on empty” section because runners have to eat, right? All I ask is to keep an open mind. I’m hoping that you will find some value in the words that are posted here on this blog and apply it to your running or even life itself.


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