The Early Bird Catches the Worm

For some people, waking up an extra hour or so before their normal time just to workout is not feasible. Who wants to leave their warm and cozy bed to workout, let alone go to class or work? Although this does seem appealing, I feel as though it’s a wasted opportunity to get the get the day started on the right foot. There is something special about going out on an early morning run, especially in the summer. You’re out before the sun melts your skin and if your lucky you have chilly start. On some occasions there is a beautiful sunrise staring you in the face begging you to soak it all in. The morning dew on the grass feels cool on your feet and the air you’re breathing is light and fresh. Every step you take seems to send you flying as your stride opens up. I think that this is the time where running is the most peaceful. Here are some examples of why I workout early in the morning.

Breathtaking Views

IMG_8093Something that always makes a morning run the best are the beautiful views of the sunrise. The sky mimics a photo or a painting and is absolutely amazing. Seeing the sun rise illuminating the sky is something that is intoxicating for me. It not only wakes me up, but prepares me for what the day has in store for me. It puts me into a better mood before the day is even started.


Boosting Your Metabolism

After a morning run your body tends to keep burning calories due to your metabolic rate being elevated. This in turn means that while you’re sitting at your desk, you are burning calories. As you eat each meal or snack throughout the day, you are replenishing your body with the nutrients that were spent during your workout. If you were to run in the afternoon / evening, you would only be refueling with a limited amount of nutrients needed. Also, since the day is half over, your body is slowly winding down and preparing for sleep.



There are several scheduling conflicts that can mess up your daily run. Work, meetings, picking up the kids from school, meetings, date night, more meetings. These are all examples of conflicts that could prevent you from enjoying a run. By working out in the morning you can avoid all of that and enjoy everything the morning has to offer.


Waking up early for a run can be a bit of a challenge, but afterwards your brain tends to switch gears from being tired to being more focused. Your blood is flowing through your body more and you have a lot more energy to tackle the day. Utilizing this energy throughout the day will perhaps make your day that much better. I’ve also noticed that on occasion, I’ll pass on my daily morning coffee after a run because I’m still revved up from my workout.


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