Exercise is Contagious

Have you ever thought about why you started working out? Was it because you wanted to have a healthy lifestyle, or could it have been to impress someone? Maybe you saw someone running past your house while you were sipping down your morning coffee and thought “I should probably get out and do something.” No matter the reason, I’ve come to the conclusion that working out is indeed contagious. It’s an infectious disease that continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down. There have been certain instances where I‘ve felt that I have inspired others to be more active. I find it very rewarding knowing that I can help people better themselves just by me simply going for a run.

Every time I run in our neighborhood I always give the friendly wave to people outside. On occasion I double back to some neighbors’ houses to have a quick chat. We always discuss the weather (which always seems to be an icebreaker) and being outdoors. I spoke with one neighbor a few months ago and she said that she needed to get outside more and exercise. She had noticed me passing by her house almost every day and wanted to become more active like me. The weather had recently gotten warmer and she thought it would be a great idea to enjoy the fresh air. She had started off with a short walk to the top of the development and back. After a few weeks I noticed her walking even further than she had started. I stopped to talk with her after my run and she had told me that she had purchased a fitness tracker to help count her steps and that she had enjoyed walking so much that she wanted to keep it up. I now notice her every morning walking the neighborhood and beyond no matter what the temperature or weather conditions were. She was committed to staying active.

I had recently talked with a former runner who had stopped running years ago because he had a few life changes. He had slowly transitioned out of running and became pretty much a couch potato. Drinking beers and eating pizza almost every other night became normalcy. We briefly talked about my weight loss several years ago (more on that later) and how daily exercise has helped me keep off the pounds as well as keep my stress levels in check. There was always a little push back when talking about exercise, so I tried to avoid going deeper into that conversation. In one of our conversations I had brought up the fact that my wife and I thinking about purchasing a rowing machine for cross-training and how it was a full body workout without the pounding of the pavement. He seemed interested in the machine, but wasn’t willing to commit to rowing as he had then told me he was more into biking. Shortly after that conversation he had told me that he had purchased an indoor cycling bike and said that he was determined to lose weight. He wanted to be more active for his kids and set an example for them. I talk to him daily and he now gives me updates as to where his weight-loss is currently (sitting at 40lbs lost) and what type of bike ride he participated in.

I realize that I’m not the only one inspiring others to be more active. There are some non-professional athletes that look to inspire others to be more active as well. Comedian and actor Kevin Hart had recently released a video about him running the 2018 NYC Marathon in October. I didn’t realize he was a runner until several months ago. His fan base for running has grown significantly and he has even been seen in a few Nike Apple Watch commercials. His target for the marathon has inspired me to run another marathon and perhaps he will inspire you as well. Below is the link to his NYC Marathon announcement as well as his Nike Apple Watch segments.

Kevin Hart’s Announcement To Run The NYC Marathon

Kevin Hart’s Nike Apple Watch Ad Campaign

It’s always a great feeling knowing that you involuntarily have helped someone start to get back into shape. Of course there are all of the new tech watches, phone apps and fitness trackers that help get people moving whether it be from your caloric intake to your steps count. These are all great ways to motivate you to get out the door, but sometimes it’s better seeing something in front of you. Sometimes people need the right push to get started and that can be triggered simply by you running past their house or even from a celebrity trying to reach one of their goals. One of the reasons I started this blog, other than to spread my knowledge, experiences and challenges of running, was to help people get fit and stay active. I enjoy seeing people get motivated by others to live healthier lives and I’m glad that I’m able to inspire them.


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