Whole 30, The Final Act

For 31 days blogger Incessant Bookworm has been on the Whole 30 Diet Program and we have been able to document her strategy, goals, and overall feelings about it. This has been an amazing journey to follow along to see how things progressed. The Whole 30 Diet has its ups and downs, but with patience and dedication, anything is possible. I would like to thank Incessant Bookworm for working with us here on Band of Runners and I look forward to future guest posts. I hope you enjoy part 3 of the Whole 30 Diet Program, Cheers!


Whole 30, Part 3

The time has finally come: Day 31… Now what?! Over the last 30 days I’ve been getting in the groove when it comes to meal planning, grocery shopping, experimenting with remaining produce in the fridge, and tallying the benefits one by one. But what happens when it no longer ‘counts’?

Let me back up a second. The last half of this journey is when one truly feels good: plain and simple! Here is a small list of what I encountered the last 2 weeks in Whole30:

  • No bloating
  • Clearer face (no acne)
  • Overall good mood and happier
  • Looser and/or more fit pieces of clothing
  • Less (or no) cravings for sweet or salty foods, and
  • Of course, weight loss.

Although feeling this good is wonderful, this is the time where finishers do just that – feel like they are done. This is the true test to see if your mind and body have learned anything over the past month. I will say that I have not mastered what is known as the reintroduction phase. Think about it – your body has basically purged itself of bad foods and toxins. It’s cleansed! What NOT to do is go and stuff your face with what you’ve been missing out on the last 30 days. For example, I chose to plan my first Whole30 around a vacation. Shouldn’t be too bad, I’ve learned to eat out and live within the guidelines just fine, what’s a vacation afterwards going to do? That was my first mistake – celebrating my accomplishments with a beverage with so much added sugar and dairy…. Needless to say, I was nauseous the rest of vacation.

This phase after completion of the program is critical as it can lead one back into old habits if the banned food groups are added back in within the next few weeks OR can lead to what it is intended to do: a lifestyle change. Now, this does not mean that you live Whole365 (I have known a handful of people to do this). The reintroduction is just that, slowly incorporating small quantities of the processed foods back into your diet and seeing how your body reacts (if at all). For me, I am able to reevaluate some of the processed foods I see around me. Most of my sandwiches I still do lettuce wraps or take the bun off. When I go out, I may have a smaller glass of wine or one beer or maybe none at all. When it comes to dairy, almond and soy milk are my choices, even in Starbucks drinks (hold the whip, and using sugar-free syrups). Tea I still drink black and when I have juice, it is straight up pineapple juice or V8. Technically, no I’m not living Whole 30, however, I’ve taken pieces of the program and integrated them into my normal lifestyle in which I can enjoy myself but have control over what is (or is not) going to make me feel good when I digest.

Now that it is officially ‘over’, I plan to do short sprints of the program (like a 14-21-day fix) every once in a while and do the full program once a season – 4 times a year is doable for me as I continue to learn something new every time. So what are you waiting for? Are you in?

In Health,



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