Wednesday 3dub Tracks

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have some more additions to the 3dub track list that will surely pump up your workout. Let's not waste anytime and hop right in! Enjoy!   Warmup This last-minute addition to my playlist has become my new favorite warmup song. The deep bass line and tempo are just right for warming... Continue Reading →

2017 Turkey Trot 5k

Race Details Location: North Wales, Pennsylvania Start Time: 8:00 AM Temp: 28° The RUNdown I've participated in numerous 5k races, but never a Turkey Trot. These races fall on Thanksgiving Day (US) and although there are a few different names for these races like the Drumstick Dash, Fast before you feast, and the Gobble Gallop,... Continue Reading →

Dear Santa…

The Holidays are quickly approaching and that means everyone is adding last-minute items to their wish lists. This is the perfect opportunity to add in some running gear to those lists. As a runner, there are items that are needed to help improve performance as well as add a little bit of comfort while out... Continue Reading →

Wednesday 3dub Tracks

Happy Wednesday (aka. hump day) everyone! We are now 1 day closer to Thanksgiving (US) and it's almost time to break out those sweatpants. For anyone running in any Turkey Trots or Gobble til you Wobble races on Thanksgiving morning, I wish you good luck!! It should be a fun morning for everyone participating! Today I'd... Continue Reading →

Weekend Training Recap

Only a few days remaining until towns across the country host Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trots! This will be my first ever Turkey Trot and I'm getting pumped for it! This weekend I took the opportunity to get in some quality training to get ready for the big event. Here's a breakdown of how I continued... Continue Reading →

TGIF Feels

I took the featured image on my run this morning because I couldn't resist. The sunset is something I always look forward to on my morning runs. It's a great way to start the day and every once in a while, you have to stop and enjoy the view. With that being said, let's dive... Continue Reading →

Sunday Runday

I have come to the conclusion that Sundays can be one of the most dreaded days of the week. It's still part of the weekend, but it's the back half which leads to most of us thinking about the workweek ahead. Some people like to relax and do nothing on Sundays just so they can get... Continue Reading →

October Recap

47 total workouts recorded: 8 High Intensity Interval Training workouts: 975 calories burned 16 Running workouts: 47.7 miles 15 Walking workouts: 16.16 miles 8 Indoor Rowing workouts: 1153 calories burned   This month has had it’s ups and downs. I have been challenging myself with each of my workouts, pushing the limits and pulling (2) 2 a... Continue Reading →

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