Wednesday 3dub Tracks

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have some more additions to the 3dub track list that will surely pump up your workout. Let’s not waste anytime and hop right in! Enjoy!



This last-minute addition to my playlist has become my new favorite warmup song. The deep bass line and tempo are just right for warming up. It’s catchy and electric making this song my pick for this weeks warmup track.

 Artist: Alice Merton

Track: No Roots



I really love everything about this song. Right from the beginning the lyrics try to get you into the mood to workout. This upbeat song is perfect for working out and motivates you to get out and start living. It’s hard to resist tapping my foot when this song pops up during my workouts.

Artist: Bakermat, Alex Clare

Track: Living


Warm down

Indian Summer is one of those songs that puts me into a state of euphoria after a hard workout. It helps me take in a few deep breaths and enjoy the fact that I just accomplished something incredible, even if it wasn’t a high intensity workout prior. I think that it’s an enjoyable song to warm down to and just relax while stretching out.

Artist: Jai Wolf

Track: Indian Summer



That’s all for this week everyone. I hope these additions make it to your playlists and if not, I’m glad you gave them a chance. Enjoy the rest of the week!


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