Wednesday 3dub Tracks

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Welcome back from your holiday time off, or if you are still out of the office, I’m jealous. Let’s get back into the groove this week with some new 3dub tracks. I’ve been in an Imagine Dragons kick for the past few days, so these songs were selected from their latest album Evolve. Enjoy!



This is another one of my favorite warmup songs. It gives me the extra push to accomplish the workout and not give up. If you’ve ever been beaten down by numerous workout before, just remember what you get out of the workout in the end. You achieve a sense of accomplishment and you look back and wonder how you got there. It’s all because you never gave up. It gets me pumped up.

Artist: Imagine Dragons

Track: Whatever it Takes



The song gets me pumped up every time I hear it. I love how this song has it’s high and low points to get you moving. It’s an intense, pulsing, pop rock song that seems to hit all the right beats for a workout. I usually put this song on when I’m ready for an intense interval workout or a circuit workout at the gym.

Artist: Imagine Dragons

Track: I Don’t Know Why


Warm down

Normally I would put a slower song in this section, but I thought that this song would be appropriate here. Rise Up is one of those feel good songs that is perfect for a warm down after a workout. While you’re trying to slow your breathing, take a step back and realize what you just accomplished. No matter the workout, you were able to go further than before rising past your starting point and growing stronger.

Artist: Imagine Dragons

Track: Rise Up


Are there any Imagine Dragons tracks that get you motivated and ready for an intense workout? Sound off in the comments below. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the rest of your holiday week everyone!


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