Year in Review

Whew, what a year it’s been. There were some ups, some downs, and some all around fun this past year and 2018 is looking to be bigger and better. Before we take a sneak peek into what 2018 has in store, lets recap 2017 with a top 10 countdown of exciting things that happened throughout the year!


  • Total Workouts: 390 (including running, indoor rowing, high intensity training, and walking)
  • Total Calories Burned: 80,934

It’s the Final Countdown

10. Best race of 2017:

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot

Hands down this was the best race for me in 2017. This race was not only my first Turkey Trot, but it was the first time I won my age group and finished in the top 10 in a few years. It was such a great feeling competing in that race.


Turkey Trot Recap

9. Best running experience:

A weekend of track interval training and a trail run

There were several great runs in 2017, but one weekend sticks out the most. I first went out on a Saturday morning to a local track to do an interval training pyramid, then went on a long slow distance run on Sunday and captured the picture below. The leaves were starting to fall more and it was quite peaceful in the park. I love running in Autumn because the scenery is amazing. It’s days like these that make me love running.



8. Best Instagram picture:


I love sunrise and sunset pictures. This was taken on one of my favorite runs and it’s also one of my favorite pictures. I always like to stop and enjoy the view when running because life move’s too fast.


7. Best training program (other than running):


This was the first year I tried something a little different as far as fitness goes and I cannot believe the results. Crossfit, or high intensity interval training, consists of some grueling workouts but it is a lot of fun and the community of crossfitters are friendly! Sure, I’m sore from lifting heavy weights of doing tons of burpees, but I’m getting stronger everyday I’m there and I’m working other muscles in my body to become more well-rounded.



6. Best lifestyle change in 2017:

Becoming Vegan

Becoming vegan for us started out like any other dietary plan. Jessie and I constantly were searching for alternatives to certain foods, but since we had been vegetarian the year prior it was a little easier. With the help of 2 of our closest (vegan) friends, we learned more and more about different types of foods and recipes that made the transition even easier. We explored different types of veggies and spices we would never consider eating. Our world had been opened up to whole new level and we were excited to see where it led. Although the start of veganism for us was a bumpy road to travel, we found that it became better over time. Being vegan was never about how “trendy” we could be or for the sake of “oh, let’s try something new.” We wanted to feel better about our lives and what we were putting into our body. We love exploring new foods and recipes as this is only the beginning.

Check out the Running on Empty page for some recipes


5. Best vegan takeout food I’ve discovered:

Cheese steak from Blackbirds pizzeria

Staying along the same lines of being vegan, I’ve recently discovered the best vegan cheese steak I’ve ever had. While traveling through Philadelphia, PA I came across an all vegan pizza shop. I was curious to know what their pizzas tasted like, but I realized there was another option on the menu I could not ignore; enter the Vegan Seitan Cheese steak! This sandwich was so good I almost ordered another one before taking my second bite. I was in heaven.

vegan cheesesteak


4. Best memorable quote:

“You will never know your limits until you push yourself to them”

This is one of the quotes I found from going to crossfit. It had such an impact on my fitness and well-being. I realized that it not only applies to crossfit, but to life itself. Sometimes things can get a little challenging, but you have to decide if you’re going to push yourself past them or stand still wondering if you could do it.


3. Best song for running:

Living by Bakermat and Alex Clare

There were a lot to choose from, but this song was just right for the best song for running. It’s a great motivation song and remains upbeat throughout. You can find this song in my Wednesday 3dub Tracks posts.


2. Best Gear:

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3 shoes

These are my absolute favorite running shoes! They are light on my feet coming in around 8.8oz but sturdy enough for long distance. I’ve used these shoes for running interval training for speed all the way up to half marathons. They are very versatile, comfortable, and durable! There’s a spring to every step launching you further into your stride.


1. Best part about writing a blog:

Sharing content about my thoughts and experiences with followers

I have been wanting to put content out about running for years prior to starting this blog. Sharing my experiences and love for the sport is one of the best things in my life. The running community has grown so rapidly that I feel like everyone needs to hear/read about each others’ stories. This is how we grow as a community and how we better ourselves. For me, that’s what I love about writing this blog. I love sharing the joy of running in community.



New content coming in 2018

This blog is still in its infancy stages and it’s just the beginning of bigger things to come. Here are a few things you can look forward to in 2018 from Band of Runners!

  • More race recaps
  • More crossfit posts
  • More recipes in Jessie’s Fresh Finds and Running on Empty
  • More guest posts
  • And many more!!



On a personal level, I’d like to thank my followers. You have kept me going and always inspire me to post more content. You guys are the best and I look forward to gaining more followers in 2018! Thank you and have a safe and Happy New year!


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