Something New in the News

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all had a great weekend! Is everyone still on track with their New Year’s resolutions?? We are a few weeks into the New Year and right now is a critical “make or break” situation. You have either fully committed to your resolution with minor set backs or you just gave up entirely. I hope that’s not the case though. Out of the few resolutions that I have made, they are still going strong, but I’ll check back in about every month or so for my progression.

Here’s some news that I’d like to share with you to get you started for the week ahead.


I’ve updated the 2018 race schedule to include even more fun races to check out.



This past Thursday registration for the 2018 Crossfit Open went live. This event is one of the biggest athletic events in the world because you don’t have to be an olympian to participate. I’m super excited about this event because this will be my first shot at it. I’m not looking to get into the games (let’s face it, I wouldn’t make it) but this is such a fun opportunity to compete with your fellow cross fitters and see where you rank in the world. Not feeling like competing? That’s ok too, it can be just for “fun” and by “fun” I mean very painful and rewarding at the same time. The first stage takes place in late February and continues for 5 weeks. There are 5 different workouts that need to be completed (one every week) and the top athletes continue on to regionals then on to the games after that. You can check out more here: About the Crossfit Games



The tech based indoor cycling company, Peloton, has introduced its newest member to the at-home fitness experience called Peloton Tread. Peloton has exploded over the last few years with its live streaming cycling classes as well as on-demand classes. Now the company is looking to absorb more of a fan base by adding in a treadmill that’s considered to be “top-notch.” Starting with its 32″ HD screen to the resistance knobs on the side placed in a perfect position for your hands, this machine is looking to take your indoor treadmill experience to the next level. This is more than just a treadmill because it’s now part of the same social experience Peloton brought to the table with their indoor cycling program. You can run with your friends (virtually of course), check leader boards and expand your running community further than before. It’s a bit pricey sitting at $3,995, $149 for financing for 39 months, but it may be worth your while if you want to up your game for indoor running. Although this shouldn’t fully replace your outdoor runs, but that’s just me. The Peloton Tread will be available this Fall, so reserve yours today. You can check more out about that here Peloton Tread


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