Wednesday 3dub Tracks (Valentine’s Day Edition)

It’s Wednesday and it’s also Valentine’s Day (for all of you who celebrate this “Hallmark Holiday”) These tracks are geared towards the love and affection some of us have towards our significant others. It’s time to power up you’re workout with some tunes so you can enjoy the evening with that special someone! Enjoy!!!!


This song could be used either as warmup or workout song. I like that it’s a little upbeat because sometimes you need a bit of a boost prior to starting your intense workout.

Artist: Galantis, Throttle

Track: Tell Me You Love Me


This song popped up randomly on a playlist I follow the other day and I had to add it to this Valentine’s Day Mix. The tempo is perfect for any type of workout. This is a uplifting song that lets you know that someone is always there for you. I’ll be adding this to some of my other playlists.

Artist: Not Giving Up on You – Bit Funk Remix

Track: Emma-Lee, Bit Funk

Warm down

This song is great for a warm down. It’s slow and refreshing (for a song that is). When I finish a run and this song comes on I’m always feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I take a few deep breaths to slow my heart rate and take in the scenery.

Artist: Future Generations

Track: You’ve Got Me Flush

Bonus Track

(For those who just got out of a relationship, or anti-Valentine’s Day readers)

Artist: Avicii, Sandro Cavazza

Track: Without You


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