Wednesday 3dub Tracks

Happy Wednesday! Now that the Crossfit Open is now over, it’s time to hit the ground running (literally) and get back into training mode. I’ve got several half marathons coming up and I’ve got to add-on the miles. Here’s some of the newest tracks I’ve recently added to get though the 3 “W”s. Enjoy! Warmup... Continue Reading →

Wednesday 3dub Tracks (Crossfit Edition)

Happy Wednesday everyone! Glad to have you back for the 2nd part of the Crossfit Edition Wednesday 3dub Tracks! This is the home stretch for the Crossfit Open with one more challenge left to be announced tomorrow. Here are some tracks to help you get through this last hurdle. Gook luck to anyone participating in... Continue Reading →

Wednesday 3dub Tracks (Crossfit Edition)

We’re halfway through the week and we’ve reached the halfway point of the crossfit open! With only 2 weeks left, I thought it would be appropriate to add in some tracks to get you pumped up and power through your workouts! This week and next week the 3dub tracks will be in a different format.... Continue Reading →

These Times They are a Changin’

Well it's that time of year again (pun intended). This past weekend marked the start of Daylight Savings Time. What is Daylight Savings Time? It's exactly what it sounds like. This is when all clocks are set forward 1 hour, standard time, during the Spring/Summer months and back 1 hour in the Fall. This is... Continue Reading →

Wednesday 3dub Tracks

Congratulations, we have made it midway through the week! The warm spring weather is getting closer and closer, but first we have to get through a few more snowstorms. Here's a few tracks to help get you out of the winter blues and into the spring mood. Only 13 more days until spring!!   Warmup... Continue Reading →

Jessie’s Fresh Finds Update

Hey it's Jessie back with another fresh find! This recipe comes just in time for St. Patrick's Day and what better way to celebrate than with a "beef" stew? This Seitan Porcini Beef Stew looks delicious and I can't wait to try it out! Head on over to my Fresh Finds Page for this recipe as well... Continue Reading →

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