Wednesday 3dub Tracks

The past few days (or maybe weeks) have been a bit hectic at work, but we’ve finally reached a plateau and it ‘s midweek. The weekend is in sight! It’s time to get in some good workouts as well as some pumped up tunes! Here are some 3dub tracks to help you power through the... Continue Reading →

4 Things We’ve Learned from the Boston Marathon

The 2018 Boston Marathon is now in the books and this year was nothing shy of a spectacle to watch. From the first American, Desiree Linden, winning on the women's side, to Yuki Kawauchi with a surprise win for the men. The weather also played a huge part in this years race unleashing unimaginable downpours on... Continue Reading →

Taking Flight with Asics DynaFlyte

I’ve been wearing Asics shoes since I’ve started running. I’ve cycled through many versions, but tend to stick to the same ones, the Gel Cumulous and Gel Nimbus. Of course I’ve worn other shoes while racing, like the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante 3s, but I wanted to find out what the hype was about... Continue Reading →

Wednesday 3dub Tracks (Traveling Edition)

It's midweek and time for another set of 3dub tracks! This week is all about traveling. Whether you're hitting the road for vacation, flying somewhere for work, or cruising around in the ocean chances are you're going to want some tunes to keep your workouts going. Here's a few tracks to keep your mind off... Continue Reading →

Jessie’s Fresh Finds Update

Hi everyone!! I'm back with yet another appetizing fresh find! We've recently been creating various types of bowls, adding this and a little bit of that. I just came across this recipe for a roasted plantain and black bean vegan bowl and it sounds soo good! Check out my Fresh Finds Page for this recipe as... Continue Reading →

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