Wednesday 3dub Tracks (Global Running Day Special Edition)

Not only is today hump day, it also happens to be Global Running Day! Runners of all ages/races/genders/sexual orientation from around the world lace up their running shoes in the hopes to inspire others to be more active and lead a healthy lifestyle. Global Running Day has become a “favorite day of the year” for some runners because it’s a day where the running community comes together to share their love of running. This event has grown over the past year and continues to rise as more and more people join this community. It’s not about the distance or pace of your run. It’s about creating a healthier version of yourself and perhaps along the way, helping others to do the same. With that being said, let’s get into some running themed tunes to celebrate!

To learn more about Global Running Day, check out the website. See you out on the roads or trails today!



Artist:FM-84, Ollie Wride

Track: Running in the Night

Artist: Low Steppa, Kelli – Leigh

Track: Runnin’

Artist: Downtown Fiction

Track: I Just Want to Run

Artist: Arizona

Track: Running

Artist: Youngblood Hawke

Track: We Come Running

Artist: Hollow Coves

Track: We Will Run


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