I’m Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

We're deep into the summer season now and the temperatures are at their peak. There's only soo many ways you can stay cool during these hot days, but there are ways you can "beat the heat" and still be able to get in a good workout. Here are some ways to be smart during the... Continue Reading →

Wednesday 3dub Tracks

Oh snap it’s midweek! This week has been flying by so far so why not keep this momentum going? Here are some new tracks to add to your playlists on this fine Wednesday afternoon! Enjoy! Warmup Artist: Alpharock, Jimmy Cash, Heleen Track: Miracle https://open.spotify.com/track/4Tuo1AYkMf6YZYNlMjL74d?si=n8LL0B1SRUyonw2_9Xpgdg   Workout Artist: Hardwell, Harrison Track: Earthquake https://open.spotify.com/track/0s0iuKNaKUO7osVJ74V02B?si=SRKd0R7XTZe3Ngnq4Wv5KQ   Warm Down... Continue Reading →

Wednesday 3dub Tracks

It’s Wednesday! I couldn’t be more excited because the weekend is fast approaching and the weather has been absolutely amazing. You’re in for a treat today because today’s tracks are all “spur of the moment” tracks. I’ve only heard these songs once and I’ll have to admit, they fit really well into any type of... Continue Reading →

Vacation is all I ever wanted

  Unless you’re a robot, most of us take some sort of vacation. Whether it’s at the beach, overseas, or even in your own home (also known as a staycation) you take that time to get away and relax, or at least try to. Going on vacation shouldn’t limit what you do to workout though.... Continue Reading →

Hydrate Your Body, Inside and Out

While the temperatures continue to rise and the sun's rays get stronger, there are a few precautions you should take before going into "sun's out, guns out" mode. For starters, choosing the right sun screen and making sure you drink enough fluids are two key ways to keep your body from shriveling up. Let's take... Continue Reading →

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