I’m Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

We’re deep into the summer season now and the temperatures are at their peak. There’s only soo many ways you can stay cool during these hot days, but there are ways you can “beat the heat” and still be able to get in a good workout. Here are some ways to be smart during the summer months. (You can also check out my post on hydration here)


  1. The earlier you get out the door, the better you’ll feel. I know that waking up early in the morning for a run is difficult, but to be honest I’d rather do that than go for a run and bake under the sun. Not only does a morning workout make you feel better mentally, they help keep your body temperature down because the sun is not melting your skin.
  2. Lather on that sunscreen. Speaking of the sun melting your skin, be sure layer up on sunscreen if you can’t seem to find a way to get out early in the morning. The last thing you need is to look like a lobster post run. I always make sure I put sunscreen all over. Don’t forget to put on a hat and/or sunglasses too. They’ll help block the suns rays from your face.
  3. Keep the liquids flowing. I sometimes feel like I’m drinking too much water, but in the end, I’m probably not drinking enough. One way to always make sure that you’re staying hydrated is to drink more fluids. Water is always my go-to, but adding in some sports drinks with electrolytes has added benefits.
  4. When the temperatures rise, your pace may be slower. This is always a bit frustrating for me because I’m usually set on a certain pace for most of my runs. When summer time hits, I sometimes feel like I’m moving in slow motion. The heat and humidity make breathing a bit more difficult. Just remember, it’s ok to slow down or even walk a little. If your body is giving you signals that it’s too hot (you stop sweating, you get more cramps, it’s hard to breathe), you probably should listen and take a break.


How do you stay protected and cool in the hot summer months?


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