A Different Type of Marathon

The Crossfit Games officially kicked off today and we will soon find out who the fittest man and woman on earth are for 2018. Before we get to that, one of the first major hurdles these athletes have to tackle is being named as one of the longest events in Crossfit games history. Games athletes will be tested in strength, technique, and endurance in the next few days, but this one event will test their mental toughness. For the first time athletes will participate in a marathon. Sounds terrible, right? The only thing is, this is not a normal marathon. All 80 athletes will be competing in this marathon on an indoor rowing machine. To do the math, that’s 42,195 metres… on a rowing machine. The time cap is 4 hours for completion and is one event not to be taken lightly.

Concept 2 Rowing Machine

I use our rowing machine almost every day and the most time I’ve spent on it was half an hour. After a while, my grip starts to fatigue and my glutes hurt because the seat is hard. The trouble I have with this event is not just the physical aspect, it’s the mental portion. Not only are you rowing for hours, you are not going anywhere. The scenery doesn’t change. This is by far I think the worst for any athlete. So how do these athletes do it? We’ll see soon enough. You can catch the live coverage of the Crossfit games today on games.crossfit.com or CBSSports.com. Good luck to all athletes!


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