Changing it Up

The summer season is slowly coming to a close and Autumn will be rushing in to greet us with a plethora of races and Fall flavors (Can’t Wait!). With this changing of the seasons comes a few changes to the blog. Here at Band of Runners we have been constantly evolving, adding new features, information, media, recipes, and tips to bring you the best content we can as often as we can. With this evolution we thought it may be time for a refresh. The idea behind Band of Runners will remain the same as we are not losing sight of our focus…you. This refresh will provide a better viewing experience with some new themes, ideas, features, and content. Not to mention dropping the from the blog (Yess!!!!). Also, our social media will be evolving as well! Since this blog was created to be for runners and athletes from all around, we found that it wouldn’t be fitting for one person to take the helm of “Band of Runners” over social media. There are many faces within Band of Runners that we want all of them to shine, including you! Even though our names/handles and themes are changing, our focus will still remain the same. We will still provide the best content we can. Within this time we ask you to bear with us while we make these changes and transitions. We are soo thankful that you’ve chosen to follow along and we hope that with these new changes we will be able to continue to grow our audience. Thank you all!

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