Tips for Getting that 5k PR (Part 2: Hills)

Welcome back to the second installment in this 4 part series on conquering your 5k PR. This weeks tips are in the form of hill training. We all know that hills suck during a race, but with the proper training, they may not be too bad....? Well, that may not be the case, but you... Continue Reading →

TGIF Feels

I took the featured image on my run this morning because I couldn't resist. The sunset is something I always look forward to on my morning runs. It's a great way to start the day and every once in a while, you have to stop and enjoy the view. With that being said, let's dive... Continue Reading →

Sunday Runday

I have come to the conclusion that Sundays can be one of the most dreaded days of the week. It's still part of the weekend, but it's the back half which leads to most of us thinking about the workweek ahead. Some people like to relax and do nothing on Sundays just so they can get... Continue Reading →

October Recap

47 total workouts recorded: 8 High Intensity Interval Training workouts: 975 calories burned 16 Running workouts: 47.7 miles 15 Walking workouts: 16.16 miles 8 Indoor Rowing workouts: 1153 calories burned   This month has had it’s ups and downs. I have been challenging myself with each of my workouts, pushing the limits and pulling (2) 2 a... Continue Reading →

The Season That XC Runners Love

The summer has officially past us and now Autumn rolls in with it’s cooler air, natural light without the sweltering hot temperatures, and shorter days. This can only signal one thing... It’s officially the start of cross-country season! Not only does this season bring out more beautiful scenery due to fall foliage, it delivers the... Continue Reading →

Whole 30, The Final Act

For 31 days blogger Incessant Bookworm has been on the Whole 30 Diet Program and we have been able to document her strategy, goals, and overall feelings about it. This has been an amazing journey to follow along to see how things progressed. The Whole 30 Diet has its ups and downs, but with patience... Continue Reading →

Exercise is Contagious

Have you ever thought about why you started working out? Was it because you wanted to have a healthy lifestyle, or could it have been to impress someone? Maybe you saw someone running past your house while you were sipping down your morning coffee and thought “I should probably get out and do something.” No... Continue Reading →

Runners Etiquette (Part 2, Racing)

I realize that there are certain rules and regulations that are set for running in any road race. These rules can be anywhere from staying on the course, having your race bib visible and fastened to your shirt, clear plastic bags for gear check, to even a no animals policy. Most of these, if not... Continue Reading →

Keep Calm and Whole30 On

In this weeks post, we have Part 2 of the Whole30 journey from Incessant Bookworm. This post covers some of the challenges of being vegan for Whole 30 and ways to overcome them. Remember, there are always alternatives. Just know that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Good luck to everyone on... Continue Reading →

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