Vacation is all I ever wanted

  Unless you’re a robot, most of us take some sort of vacation. Whether it’s at the beach, overseas, or even in your own home (also known as a staycation) you take that time to get away and relax, or at least try to. Going on vacation shouldn’t limit what you do to workout though.... Continue Reading →

Glacier Half Marathon I love watching this inspirational video for this race.   Race Details Location: East Glacier Village, Montana Start Time: 6:00 AM Temp: 45° The RUNdown The Glacier Half Marathon was by far the most beautiful, challenging, and yet inspirational race I've ever run. This half marathon is part of a Vacation Race series of... Continue Reading →

Pack it up, pack it in

I think it’s safe to say that most runners have difficulties packing for race day travel. I know I do. I always pack up everything I need in my duffel bag, then take it all out just to pack it up again. There have also been times where I’ve packed all my gear for a... Continue Reading →

Wednesday 3dub Tracks (Traveling Edition)

It's midweek and time for another set of 3dub tracks! This week is all about traveling. Whether you're hitting the road for vacation, flying somewhere for work, or cruising around in the ocean chances are you're going to want some tunes to keep your workouts going. Here's a few tracks to keep your mind off... Continue Reading →

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